FAQs for IPTV Service

New IPTV Box First Time Setup

  • Turn on iptv with hdmi and internet cable connected. Wait until main screen load.
  • Press set button on remote or goto setting and system setting
    • Goto server > portal and type server name (which has been provided by us, ask us if u don’t have it) in to url ( not in name) field.,for keyboard to type press keyboard button on remote, once done press same button to exit keyboard, press OK button to save it.
    • press home button once, goto server general field ntp server. type here “pool.ntp.org” once done press OK
    • Now goto software update and make software update (press ok and f1 button to confirm). wait until update finish
  • It will reboot byself and start working if ur box is already activated OR it will ask u id password. Text me for ur id password.
  • On login page , press setup button, goto video and set video resolution to AUTO, graphic as per ur tv. Once done reboot, ur box is ready to use.

No Voice on All Channels Fix

  • Press menu button , goto setting ( if ask password try 0000 or 8778 or 8080)
  • goto video and make force dvi OFF.
  • Once changed, reboot box, by took power off and on
  • It should ok now. if still same check again force dvi must be OFF.
  • If still same check ur hdmi cable…


No Signal / Resolution mismatch / Screen Flickering issue?

  • This guide is for no signal issue.
  • To power off and on. at same time keep press menu button ( 3 dot with 3 line) until setting page with blue back ground come.
  • if u miss this step, do again . took power and keep press menu button
  • On set up page change resolution to ntsc 480, by pressing right arrow
  • Once changed, goto save and exit. press right arrow and ok to confirm.
  • if all step done correctly, it will reboot, or took power off and on. it will show now picture.
  • See Video


Hot To Setup Wifi in IPTV?

  • This only required if ur internet is not nr by box.
  • Turn on box with wifi stick connected to it.
  • Once box botting and once loading page appear, keep pressig SET button on remote. it will load setting page.
  • On setting page, goto network > wireless wifi > auto dhcp
  • It scan wifi available on ur house, select ur wifi and goto key and enter ur wifi password. for keyboard press keyboard button on remote.
  • Once password done, press ok , unplug and power back. it should works
  • See Video


How To Change Lock/Password Change in IPTV?

  • Default password for locked ch is 0000/9875/3690/8778
  • Foe Menu Setting password 5555/2929
  • To change, Goto Menu setting parentral control
  • Here enter old password and change ur new password


How To Correct Time?

  • If ur box showing incorrect date and time,
  • Goto menu > setting > restart portal, Once u press ok, keep press set button.
    OR Reboot ur iptv anbd keep press set button, until setting page load
  • on Setting page, goto server > general > type here server name “pool.ntp.org”


How to setup stbemu app?

Download the stbemu app from http://angadtel.com/iptv-service/

Once downloaded, install the app. You will get a message to update the app. Click on Update and update the app.

Once updated, click on “Settings” > select “Profile”. You can rename the current default profile name to anything you want.

Go to “Portal Settings” > Change the portal name to the one that is provided to you starting with http://. Make sure no spaces.

Go to “STB Configuration” and copy the MAC Address and send it to us.

Set the “Screen Resolution” to “Auto”.


Save everything and restart the portal or the box. The box should be working now.

How Much Internet It Will Use?

  • Here ur test results for estimate internet consumption per month being used for 8 hrs daily..
  • Live TV Channels:
    SD = @ 6 Hours per Day = 120 GB / Month HD = @ 6 Hours per Day = 150 GB / Month.
    VoD Movies:
    MicroHD = @ 8 Hours per Day = 80 to 100 GB / Month. HD = @ 8 Hours per Day = 150. to 170 GB / Month.