We provide all industry wide professional options for no extra cost eg. IVR, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Calling Queues, DISA etc.

  • Pay As You Go Pricing Scheme – Why pay for something you do not need and you do not use
  • No Volume Commitment
  • Clear, no-nonsense, simple to understand billing
  • Use your own equipment, phone or softphone
  • 60 seconds billing increment
  • All features included by default
  • Connect as many phones as you wish as extensions
  • Free calls between AngadTel DIDs
  • Port your own number to AngadTel. We offer number portability
  • International numbers in over 30 countries
  • CNAM, Speed Dial, e911
  • IVR, Recordings, Calling Queues, Ring Groups, Callback, Call Forwarding, Failover Destination
  • Detailed Call Detail Records available

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